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All these techniques provide temporary improvement in blood flow and movement which, when repeated, gradually become appropriate permanent healing. You get your life back and learn to keep it well. See samples here, sometimes used in combination.

Diversified Manipulation

website-photo-edit-1Diversified Manipulation of the neck, back, shoulders, arms, elbows, hands, feet, ribs, hips, knees, and feet is the classic Chiropractic joint therapy which causes the hallmark joint “pop.

  • It provides the fastest muscle relaxation response — turning off tight muscles, relieving joint pressure, disc and nerve compression
  • Improving regional blood flow — brings nutrition and removes wastes from the site of damage
  • Increased local white blood cell count — removes and dissolves cellular debris like torn scar tissue
  • Increases range of motion — lets you move easier and further
  • Improves Proprioception and betters your balance, coordination, and strength— proprioception is one of your Senses, your brain’s awareness of the position of all your body’s parts, used to control posture or any movement, like touching finger to nose with eyes closed.  
  • Releases Endorphins in the spinal cord — quickly decreases pain and feels good

Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab (FAKTR)

The concept of using any neuromusculoskeletal (nerve, muscle, joint) therapy to turn pain off  while the patient is reproducing a real life painful activity.                Functional and Kinetic Treatment

I believe this to be the finest type of rehabilitation because it returns painless body use in all directions of movement.

 Instrument Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Also known as Graston Technique and to some degree, the Chinese treatment of “Gua sha”. Therapists glide instruments over the skin which covers painful muscle
Trigger Points and Fascial Adhesions. Repetitive stroking releases adhesions, desensitizes skin nerve endings, relieves pain, increases flexibility and movement.  This is done within the patient’s pain tolerance and all treatment pain disappears immediately when the gliding stops. Harmless temporary skin reddening called “Petechiae” may form on the skin over the ischemic trigger points (tissue with poor blood supply).  

IASTM Low Back Fascia test

This no longer happens 2 weeks into care due to increased collateral circulation, that is, blood capillaries increase in strength and number making healthier stronger tissue. Remember, better blood flow and movement restores health.

Myofascial Release Therapies:

Nimmo Receptor Tonus Technique: Holds 7-10 second steady firm pressure on the trigger point, or deep gliding over  while a person is in a relaxed position. Finger tips, elbows and probes provide the pressure.

nimmo neck

Myotherapy of Brachialis (1)Myotherapy: A name coined by Bonnie Prudden for her school and books of self-treatment, similar to Dr. Nimmo’s approach.

Strain And Counterstrain: Holds 90 second steady finger pressure on the tender point while the doctor positions the body part into the most pain-free position, then slowly moving the part to a neutral position.

Positional Release Technique (PRT): Is the modernization and mapping of Strain And Counterstrain.

Positional Release Technique Erector Spinae

Shock Wave Therapy

Radial pulse shock wave therapy of plantar fascia

An electric impact stylus with creates a precise powerful mechanical shockwave to tear internal scars within muscle, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. These released scars are then resorbed by white blood cell activity, resulting in improved movement and less pain.





Nervous System Mobilisation

Movement of the extremities (shoulders, arms, hands, hips, legs, and feet)in a manner to freely slide the peripheral nerves through the layers of tissue they traverse.  When nerves suffer adhesions (tethering) they cause baffling pain pattern syndromes throughout the body. Example: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be caused by five other locations besides the wrist, explaining why some surgical releases fail.


Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR)

A gentle Rehab stretch to prevent therapy-torn scars from “re-glueing” again, leading to a more permanent mobility repair.

Pin and Stretch

pin and stretchAlso known popularly as Active Release Technique (ART): Uses pressure over trigger points while the patient moves the joint associated with them, effectively shearing the restricted layers apart.

Spray and Stretch

With vapo-coolant or ice massage disarms the pain of Trigger Points. It is explained in the excellent research texts of Dr. Janet Travell from whom came the detailed Trigger Point Referral Charts which clearly explain the distant pain patterns for each muscle. She also used Lidocaine injections to neutralize trigger points.  These days some physicians also use Botox injections for longer lasting paralysis of the Trigger Points to decrease pain.  Unlike previously mentioned methods, this technique does not address the adhesions that restrict movement, so the problem tends to reappear easily as the person returns to an active lifestyle. Nonetheless, Dr. Travell’s amazing work explained and legitimized the concept of Trigger Points as a source of pain and dysfunction, forever establishing it in the medical and natural healthcare communities.


A technique to decrease the effects of bulging or ruptured discs.

Flexion Distraction











Kinesio Taping

A stretchy tape placed over damaged soft-tissues to enhance strength, improve performance, reduce pain, decrease swelling, and normalize proprioception.

All these techniques provide temporary improvement in blood flow and movement which, when repeated, gradually become appropriate permanent healing. You get your life back and learn to keep it well.

Other Services

  • Foot Orthotics: FootLevelers are the premier custom shoe/sandal/boot inserts which are precisely measured and built with the data from a computer scanner you stand on with bare feet.Foot Levelers That data is used by the factory to form your orthotic for the activity you choose, be it walking, athletics, work, or recreation. 
  • Lifestyle Counseling: With so much conflicting natural health information it is hard to know what is effective and how to incorporate it safely.  We will share the best proven ways to gain and maintain health, and give you the reasons why.
  • Community Lectures: For 30 years I have shared a variety of health and lifestyle topics in schools, community groups, and church events. I am happy to share with your group as well.
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound disperses inflammation/scars and decreases pain.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation encourages blood flow and decreases pain.
  • Cold Laser uses light to speed cell function and therefore healing.
  • Electro Therapies


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