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  1. Calf Stretch with PIR
  2. Rolling the Leg Muscles
  3. Body Roll for Mid Back
  4. Ball in Sock for Shoulder Blade Trigger Point Therapy
  5. Ball in Hip While Standing
  6. Ball in Hip While Sitting
  7. Balance Exercise
  8. Arch Golf Ball Exercise
  9. Anterior Leg TrPT with ROM
  10. Abdominal Muscle Trigger Point Therapy
  11. Thumb Stretch
  12. Shoulder Stretch External Rotation
  13. Shoulder TrPT with ROM
  14. Shoulder and Chest Muscle Stretch
  15. SCM Trigger Point Therapy
  16. Scalp Rolling
  17. Rolling Top of Shoulder Trigger Point Therapy
  18. Sacrum Trigger Point Therapy
  19. Running Man Exercise
  20. Quadraped Low Back Exercise
  21. Thigh and Leg Rolling
  22. Posterior Knee Trigger Point Therapy
  23. Phonebook Exercise for Jaw Muscles
  24. Chest and Shoulder Trigger Point Therapy
  25. Chest/Shoulder Stretch
  26. Neck Trigger Point Therapy
  27. Neck Stretch
  28. Neck Rolling
  29. Neck Advanced Rolling
  30. Mid Back Ball in Sock
  31. Lumbar Walking Trigger Point Therapy
  32. Top of Shoulder Stretch
  33. Shoulder Blade Stretch
  34. Knee Cap (Inferior Patella) TrPT
  35. Iliopsoas Muscle Trigger Point Therapy
  36. Iliopsoas Stretch
  37. Ice Massage
  38. Ice Bath for Hands
  39. Lifting Correctly
  40. Hip Stretch
  41. Top of Foot (Dorsum)
  42. Finger and Wrist Extensors
  43. Finger and Wrist and Extensor Stretch
  44. Thumb and Finger TPT
  45. Finger Muscle Stretch (Inner Forearm)
  46. Pronator Teres
  47. Rolling Deltoid
  48. Cervical Rotation Stretch with PIR
  49. Cat Camel Exercise